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2018 20w/30w Fiber Metal Laser Marking Machine
Jul 13, 2018

Laser Marker Characteristic:

  • Excellent beam quality and high precise marking effect;

  • Adjustable marking field for hand-held, the max field is 110x110mm;

  • Small size, light weight, hand-held scan head can also work with lifting platform for laser marking;

  • Compact structure, stable performance, high-speed marking, high repeat positioning accuracy;

  • Core components are optimally designed, with high signal-to-noise ratio and strong anti-interference ability;

  • Maintenance free and working lifetime is up to 100000 hours.


 2018 20w/30w Fiber Metal Laser Marking Machine


Compaison Between MRJ Laser engraver with others:

2018 20w/30w Fiber Metal Laser Marking Machine


Applied Industries:

Electronic Components : 

Resistance, capacitance, chips, printed circuit boards, computer keyboard.

Apparatus And Meter: 

Panel signs, precision equipment, etc.


Panel signs nameplates, precision equipment, etc.

Hardware Tools:  

Knives, tools, measuring tool, cutting tool, etc.

Automobile Parts:  

Pistons, piston rings, gears, shafts, bearings, clutch, lights, etc.

Mechanical Parts: 

Bearings, gears, standard parts, motors, etc.

Daily Necessities: 

Handicrafts, zipper, key holder, sanitary ware, etc.


Rings Jewelry, gold, silver, etc.

Food package: 

Plastic packages, etc.

Marking Material:


Carbon steel/mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, magnesium, zinc,

rare metal and alloy steel, gold, silver, titanium, etc.


Plastics, rubber, resin, carton box, etc.

Main Parts:

Fiber Laser Source:

IPG, SPI, Raycus, Max, JPT (optional)

Scan Head:


Marking Software:



F-theta Lens; Computer


R & D:

Professional engineering design and the smallest size;

Warranty and service:

100,000 hours life time with 2 years warranty and oversea after-sales.


Customized products with CE, FDA, EN60825 and test certificates.

2018 20w/30w Fiber Metal Laser Marking Machine

Company Information

  Chengdu MRJ-Laser Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional high-tech enterprise specialized in laser marking, welding, visual inspection and related application control system’s development, production and sales, all products have passed EU CE and USA FDA certificates. Quality control strictly enforce the ISO9001 quality management system.

2018 20w/30w Fiber Metal Laser Marking Machine2018 20w/30w Fiber Metal Laser Marking Machine

Why choose MRJ-Laser


MRJ laser engraving machines can be customized for your specific industrial or educational applications and our machines can easily be adjusted for a wide range of materials. One-off prototypes, small or larger production runs are all easily catered for with a laser machine.


MRJ’s laser engraving machines can engrave a wide range of materials to a high degree of accuracy, ensuring top results every time - even intricate or complex detail can be produced effectively.


Because laser engraving is faster than traditional techniques, you can achieve greater output and increased productivity, giving you a better return on your investment and ultimately leading to more profitability!

Safe and Clean:

Laser engraving is a contact-free engraving process - materials do not need to be clamped down or adjusted and the laser machines never expose the operator to moving parts. All MRJ machines are fully tested, CE FDA approved and comply with industry safety standards. This is a clean and efficient process, especially when used in conjunction with a MRJ filtration/ventilation system.

Ease of use:

Whether you are new to laser engraving or an expert, MRJ laser engraving machines are easy to operate. Once the design software file has been imported and the laser settings adjusted, it is as simple as operating a microwave, laser printer or CD player!


MRJ laser engraving machines represent excellent value for money. The compact machine footprint compared to the working bed size makes MRJ laser machines an extremely attractive option.

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2018 20w/30w Fiber Metal Laser Marking Machine