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Anti-theft and personalized services or will drive the laser marking market
Mar 14, 2019

Anti-theft and personalized services or will drive the laser marking market

Free to put your favorite words and pictures on your mobile phone, laptop and other valuables. This idea has been piloted in Shenzhen University for more than two months, just recently. Nanshan police people told reporters that although the two-dimensional code can not be completely burglar-proof, but the cost of sales has increased, and the reason why this move is sought after by students is mainly "playing cool." The reporter of the Jingbao was informed that in the next step, this initiative is expected to be piloted in some communities in Nanshan, and residents are also expected to try the feeling of “following the wind”.

The long line of students is the personality

Recently, a fresh gadget appeared in the southwestern part of Shenzhen University, which attracted the attention of many students. In the guard booth that pulled the red laser "printing point" red banner, Nanshan Public Security Bureau and Han's Laser cooperated to introduce a laser QR code printer. Many students took a long line of mobile phones waiting for the print mark. Just say the desired pattern and depth. After a few tens of seconds of fire, a unique personalized logo was born.

A few days ago, the reporter was in the deep, and found that the banner of the laser printing point has been removed. The staff of the Shenzhen University of Public Security told the reporter that "a lot of students started playing, and there was no student to use after the summer vacation. Plus the two-month pilot period has arrived, and it has been withdrawn."

Shen Dayou, a 2011 student, said that the students are going to print the markup, which is aimed at personalization. “Seeing a lot of micro-blog forwarding about laser printing, it’s very curious, considering that bicycles are easy to lose, hanging a card may also affect the thief’s psychology, and holding a card to do laser printing.” Wang Yiming brought out a design to reporters. The personalized short-numbered license plate, every few minutes during the production, curious students came forward to ask him "What is this?" He told reporters, "In the past, when riding the electric motorcycle, I made a self. The license plate is now banned. Everyone is riding a bicycle in the next semester, just thinking about getting another one."

No anti-theft but increase the cost of sales

For the question that the police hopes to "improve the cost of sales", most of the students are not concerned: "If the phone is lost, it will be lost. Even if you change the shell again, you can always sell it. It is not very useful." Mr. Li, an industry insider who has been remodeling for more than a decade, said to reporters, “No matter what signs are on the phone, you can sell them.” “The average mobile phone has a shell that is more than a dozen to thirty.”

Mr. Li said that Huaqiang Commercial Street has many second mobile phone recycling stores. “No matter what tagged mobile phone can be sold directly there,” “The iPhone is more expensive when it is changed, it needs more than 100 to 200, but the average iPhone. They can all sell for more than 1,000 yuan, and the cost of changing the shell has no big impact."

Nanshan Public Security Bureau Wu police officer also admitted to the reporter that even if the lost object is marked, it is more difficult to retrieve. "At present, small objects, such as mobile computers, are only our first step. The function of marking anti-theft on small objects may not be Obviously, but for large objects, the cost of sales can be significantly increased.” When the technology was just launched, the relevant person in charge of the Nanshan District Public Security Bureau also said that the focus of the crime of infringing crimes is to control the circulation of the second-hand goods market and control the second-hand goods. The key to circulation is the unique identification of the item and its holder. That is to say, if each item has its owner's identification code, then the person who sells and purchases can no longer excuse himself for not knowing his or her origins, or not knowing that it is a stolen goods.

The next step is expected to be promoted throughout the region.

The police officer also told reporters that the Nanshan Public Security Bureau is considering the establishment of a mountain bike information system. At that time, the personal identification and information will be recorded in the public security system. The mountain bike also has its own "ID card system", which will be in the mountains in the next semester. Printed on the big objects such as cars, "printing marks on the frame of electric cars and mountain bikes will increase the cost of thieves' modification, and the chances of marked vehicles being stolen will be reduced."

The mountain bike enthusiast and the student of the deepest three surnamed Zhang confirmed this statement. He said that the school was stolen in more than 2,000 mountain bikes. It takes hundreds to thousands of cars to change the frame. For mountain bikes with more than 5,000 yuan, it is necessary to change the frame by one thousand to two thousand pieces. The modification price is very high.

The police officer said that in the case of a mountain bike, after the unique identification code, the police can query the owner, model and other information through the back-end database. The owner can also see the information of the vehicle by providing the mobile phone number. It is possible in the future. The measures were promoted to major shopping malls and communities, and laser printing points were also established in various communities to allow residents to enjoy this personalized customization service. The current specific scheme is under study.