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Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Mar 16, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:MFL-20W-V

  • Wiring Devices:Integrated Wiring

  • Certification:CE, FDA,EN60825

  • Condition:New

Product Description

Fiber laser marking machine adopt the world's most advanced laser marking equipment. Mainly used to replace traditional and backward manufacturing process, such as silk

India, corrosion, mold stamping. Advanced laser processing system can rapidly improve the quality and production efficiency. Fast carved Series Fiber marking machine adopts integrated overall design, no supplies, products greatly reduce the cost of depreciation, the main components imported parts.

power consumption: no pollution, no noise, no supplies, power consumption is 5% -10% of conventional models;
speed: Marking speed is 3-5 times more than conventional models;
stable performance: the laser output power stability, good spot quality. Without any operating system limitations, easy to operate, the optical path closed, reliable, maintenance-free.
Long life: long life, more than 100,000 hours, more than 10 times that of traditional products.
Laser power20W
Laser wavelength1064nm
Beam quality<1.3
Repetition frequency20-200KHZ
Maximum line speed9000mm/s
Engraving area110mm*110mm
The minimum width of0.03mm
Minimum character0.1mm
Power consumption800W
cooling methodair Cooling 
Electricity demand220V/50Hz

Engraved fast fiber laser marking machine is suitable for mobile phone manufacturing industry, microelectronics, automotive, medical equipment, watches and clocks, metal, jewelry, sanitary ware, kitchen knives, plastic products, computer keyboard, integrated circuits, packaging caps, frames, etc. Making labeled products.