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Handheld Marking Machine
Jul 27, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:MFL-20W-IVB

  • Trademark:MRJ-Laser

  • Origin:China

Product Description

 Handheld marking machine

System introduction:
The  handheld mark machine is uses the newest technology to develop the manufacture specially a series 

of automaticity high product, reads the assembly line data or the network data automatically realizes nobody 

operation automatic operation. Uses the industrial control system, can adapt to each bad industry circumstances.

 The special-purpose high strength alloy printing needle, can guarantee that completes the mark on each kind of 

frame and the engine, the effect is clear, the rubbing is clear, conforms to the Ministry of Public Security rubbing standard.

A. Mark may use the balancer to hang, Easy to operate and faster;
B. Mark adopted the electromagnetism adsorption way localization, the operation is stable, fast accurate,
C. The control system uses the industrial control system, antijamming ability, environment adaptived.
D. Mark uses the single guide rail structure, the service life is long, the anti-impulse is good
E. The software design conforms to the production line design standard, may carry on data uploading and 

downloading, realizes the printing data net management.

Suitable Industry:
The handheld mark machine serial products widely applies in heavy Manufacturers, such as vehicle, mini truck,

 motorcycle, engine, engineering machinery, completes the frame VIN number. The internal production serial number

 mark work, the domestic various engines factory as well as the motorcycle factory, complete the launch serial number

 the printing, the engine information supervisory work. The printing effect is clear, another reason is clear, conforms to

 the Ministry of Public Security rubbing standard, and realizes the production data gathering work.

Technical parameter:
Specification model MFL-20W-IVB

Marking range 100x100mm 
Marking speed 1-180words/min(character)
Equipment power <150W
Formal mark Pneumatic marking
Marking depth ≤ 1.2mm
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