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High Quality 3D Laser Engraving Machine for Acrylic, Wood
Aug 01, 2018

Product Features:

1. 3D Dynamic focus adjustment with large engraving worktable to present fast process speed on different materials with various thickness

2. High Speed Laser specially designed scanning technology display high precision engraving performance and faster processing speed

3.  Powerful software is capable for any drawing or halfone format, and especially suitable for continuous production for large quantities and various designs.

Product Description


Brand Name




Laser Type

CO2 Laser

Laser Wavelength


Laser Power


Working Accuracy


Marking Field

 1200mm x 1200mm

Marking Depth


Max Power Consumption


Minimum Line Width


Repetition Precision


Input Power

Single Phase 220V/110V/50-60Hz/25A

Marking Line Speed


Cooling Method

Constant temperature cooling

Control Software


Support Fort

AI, DXF, PLT, BMP and others

Size and weight

1230mm x 900mm x1720mm; 130KG

Cooling system size

540mm x 460mm x850mm


100,000 hours


System Characteristic:

  •  Three-axis dynamic system, larger marking field and more fine beam spot diameter;

  • Integrated data collection, electronic control, mechanical servo, optical scanning and other functions;

  • Imported RF CO2 laser, high power, fine beam spot quality, stable performance;

  • Totally enclosed and maintenance-free laser optical system, no need adjustment, "install and play" implemented;

  • Adopted the optimal designing of electromagnetic compatibility, with high signal-to-noise ratio and strong anti-interference ability;

  • Smaller focus beam spot and high energy density, suitable for laser engraving and cutting on large field materials.