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Laser cutting machine maintenance of regulated power supply
Nov 25, 2016

Laser cutting machine is the laser beam to release energy to keep the workpiece when the workpiece surface melting and evaporation in order to achieve the objective of cutting, high precision cut quickly. People also know that you frequently use when the laser light is not stable, there are many possible causes, which may be caused by unstable power supply. In daily use, to check the voltage regulator operation, in case of failure. Regulated power supply for laser cutting machine check, mainly to see transformers, transformer temperature is normal, there is no overheating, discoloration of the coil and so on. Carbon brush contact is good, monitor input, the output voltage is normal, there is no overload, and so on. To more stringent maintenance and repair, clear the regulator every three months once dirt and grime of the various components, check the chain drive system is functioning properly, to cheer gear wheels, adjust the tightness of the chain, check the carbon brush holder tilt, stuck, if you find that should be adjusted. In addition, to check whether there is damage of electric contact phenomenon, if any shall be replaced or repaired in a timely manner; check whether the column type voltage transformer operated in a flexible, carbon brush is intact, replace damaged or heavily worn carbon brushes, coils on the contact surface, such as burns or carbon brush powder, application No. 0, sand polished flat and clear dust in a timely manner.