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Laser cutting machines-temperature alloys machining problems
Nov 25, 2016

Laser cutting machine temperature alloy machining difficulty:

1. work-hardening tendencies. Such as GH4169 are not hardening hardness of about HRC37 metal laser cutting machine, cutting surfaces will generate about 0.03mm hardening, hardness increased to around HRC47, hardening degree up to 27%. Work hardening Apex tap life has a great influence on oxidation, often have a serious edge wear.

2. material thermal conductivity is poor. Cutting high-temperature oxidation alloy cutting heat produced by Apex taps bear tip withstand temperatures of up to 800~1000℃, under high temperature and cutting force, will cause the cutting edge to produce plastic deformation, adhesion and diffusion.

3. cutting force. Commonly used alloy high strength of high temperature alloy turbine 30%, in the cutting of more than 600 ℃ temperature strength of NI-Base Superalloy materials still higher than ordinary steel materials. Not hardening, the unit cutting force in high temperature alloys 4000N/mm2 above, while normal alloy steels 2500N/mm2-only.

4. nickel-base alloys is the main ingredient for nickel and chromium, also added a few other elements: molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum, niobium, is worthy of note, tantalum, niobium and tungsten are also used to manufacture carbide (or high speed steel) and apex taps the main ingredient, Apex taps by the oxidation process produces high temperature alloy diffusion wear and abrasive wear.