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Laser engraving machine high-pressure sparking reasons
Mar 11, 2019

Laser engraving machine high-pressure sparking reasons

Both kinds of fires can hear obvious firecrackers, fault phenomenon: there are two phenomena: fire in the laser tube and fire outside the tube. When observing, the fire in the tube can see obvious discharge arc in the tube, and the spark outside the tube can see obvious discharge arc in the fire place. The fire outside the tube is mainly at the high pressure joint or next to the high voltage line. cause of issue:

Fire in the tube:

There are bubbles. The water inside the laser tube is not full.

Poor contact of the laser tube electrode leads.

The power-on sequence is incorrect.

Laser tube quality issues.

Fire outside the tube:

Poor contact. The high pressure joint is loose.

The water at the high pressure joint is too large and the ambient air is humid. The high voltage connector discharges outward, causing a fire.

There is damage. High voltage line leakage.

  Method of exclusion:

Fire in the tube:

If so, observe if there are any bubbles in the laser tube. The bubble must be removed by arranging the laser tube in the direction of water inflow in the case of water, allowing the bubble to flow out.

The power should be turned off if a fire is on the electrode. See if there are loose electrode leads to ensure good lead connections.

Turn on the laser power again and ask the customer to power up the sequence: first turn on the main power supply. The standby device reset is completed. Prevent the pre-ionization of the power supply from igniting the laser tube.

Replace the laser tube.

Fire outside the tube:

See if there is looseness, pull the ends of the high-voltage connector. Make sure the connectors are well connected.

It should be ensured that the air at the high pressure joint is dry and humid. There is no water on the high pressure joint.

Must be replaced, the high voltage line is damaged. Can't be wrapped in electrical tape.

Will cause the motherboard to work abnormally, Note: high pressure fire. In severe cases, it can cause the motherboard to crash