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Laser marking equipment surprises life
Aug 08, 2018

As one of the most important inventions of human beings in the 20th century, laser technology has penetrated into all aspects of industry, agriculture, military, medicine and society. With its unique processing advantages, it promotes the progress of human society. Laser marking equipment is undoubtedly Currently the most widely used category.

Laser marking is simply the use of laser marking equipment to mark objects. Compared with traditional marking methods such as stickers and inkjet, the marking of laser marking equipment is clearer and permanently erasable, so the application The scope is increasingly wide, in addition to the daily necessities we often see, laser marking can also bring us a lot of surprises.

British retailer Marks & Spencer has introduced a new laser marking method to label avocados, which will use the laser marking equipment to print the retailer's logo, the best date of consumption, the country of origin, and the cash register code on the outer layer of the avocado. Information, hope to reduce paper waste. Switching from using paper-based adhesive labels to laser printing saves 10 tons of label backing paper and 5 tons of adhesive per year.