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Mobile phone surface laser atomization processing technology
Oct 12, 2018

The mobile phone manufacturing industry has expanded rapidly in China in recent years. What kind of mobile phone quality is the best, and what kind of appearance is the favorite of the people at present. These are the questions that users are constantly asking, so that they can be found to be more reflective. The mobile phone that you tasted, and this is exactly what the merchants are constantly pursuing. The merchants are racking their brains to seek innovative innovations in the mobile phone process.

In 2017, the most valuable process was laser atomization of the surface of mobile phones.

Different mobile phone shells will give people different feelings of use. For the above requirements, the users are constantly improving, so the merchants must constantly create a more distinctive shell.

Mobile phone atomization processing is a favorite appearance of many users at present, using laser laser engraving to process the surface of the product to form a visual haze effect treatment. Chemical or physical reaction of metal or plastic materials on the surface of the mobile phone, targeted laser laser engraving of specific parts to form atomization, simple operation can achieve a visually refreshing feeling of appearance and texture.

The laser atomization treatment of the mobile phone surface currently used is not only superior in technology, but the most important thing is to meet the needs of different users. The processing is very simple and fast, and the cost is also reduced.

Standard vertical laser marking machine

The original laser marking machine is an honest type of seed that can only be used for marking objects on stationary objects, thereby not only causing waste in the energy of production, but also seriousness in production personnel. Repeated state work. The current working mode of the flying laser marking machine not only gives the industrial efficiency a promising future, but also has the functional property of saving people, time and energy. Therefore, the process of marking and marking is carried out, and the products in the industry are flowed on the production line by the assembly line, and then the efficiency in the industrial production is effectively improved, and the operational efficiency of the production is also effectively increased.