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The marking has a wavy line, a slight squeak, and the driver board generates a slightly higher heat
Aug 06, 2018

Check if the grounding wire is properly connected (the best grounding method is: X galvanometer signal ground, Y galvanometer signal ground, shielded wire, 220V power ground and marking housing to be connected), if the ground wire is connected If there is interference, first check whether the marking card is normal (checking method is to replace it with a well-confirmed marking card, and check whether there is still interference). If there is still interference, further check whether the galvanometer motor cable is intact. Whether there is any entanglement with other lines, if everything is normal, first replace it with a well-confirmed galvanometer driver board. If there is no interference, it can be determined that there is a problem with the galvanometer driver board; if there is interference, the galvanometer motor has a problem.