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The speed of the laser marking machine
Aug 05, 2018

This refers to the scanning galvanometer speed of the laser. This speed is the speed that can be adjusted in the parameters, not the overall speed at which a product is marked. Because the overall marking speed is not only affected by the adjustment of the speed parameters, but also by the marking depth, marking area and other factors. Marking speed The role of this parameter is that the faster the speed, the faster the marking speed. The speed is fast, and the number of times the laser is struck in the same place is less. Slow speed is more conducive to depth. But it is not the slower the speed, the better the depth. Because the speed of the marking is too slow, the material that the laser hits will accumulate on the surface of the material, affecting the laser to reach deeper. So if you are playing depth, you should use a high speed sweep after a few times at low speed.