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2018 Chengdu International Modern Industrial Technology Expo
Aug 01, 2018

On July 19, 2018, Chengdu International Modern Industrial Technology Expo opened in the New International Convention and Exhibition Center of Century City. This exhibition lasted three days, and it is the largest industrial technology exhibition in Southwest China. This exhibition is also another highly-influenced regional exhibition that Chengdu MRJ-Laser Technology co. Ltd has attended after the International Hannover Messe in Germany.

On the very first day of the exhibition, the laser cleaning system and laser marking system series, which developed by Chengdu MRJ-Laser independently, drew many buyers' attention. The laser cleaning machine uses a unique non-contact cleaning method that does not damage the material substrate and is maintenance-free. It not only extends the service life of the cleaning material, but also conforms to the environmental protection theme of the new era. A new laser cleaning revolution is taking root. At the same time, laser marking system gained a lot attention due to its permanent marking capabilities. MRJ-Laser has combined industrial aesthetics with modern technology to form a new generation of intelligent laser marking machine, it gives the product higher marking accuracy, faster marking speed and better marking effect.

During this exhibition, hundreds of Chinese and foreign visitors visited MRJ-Laser, including many laser industry professionals. MRJ-Laser always insists on sharing ideas of laser industry prospect and its application with customers, and carries out further detailed analysis with the customers on laser cleaning intelligent application, which has been unanimously recognized by all the visitors. MRJ-Laser has further clarified the market development direction and product development direction through communication and analysis with end consumers.

This exhibition was a solid step for MRJ-Laser's layout in southwest China. We believe that with the efforts of all employees, MRJ-Laser will become worldwide No. one in custom laser marking machines and intelligent laser cleaning machines within five years!

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