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20W Handheld Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine / Engraving Machine, Laser Machine
Jun 22, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info

Model NO.:MFL-20W-IVB

Product Description

Device introduction:
Optical fiber laser marking machine adopts imported fiber laser, import the galvanometer scanning system, the output power is stable, good optical mode, excellent beam quality, marking speed, good effect, high efficiency, can fully meet the demand of customer mass production. The machine appearance, simple operation, no supplies, depreciation costs low long-term trouble-free operation, free maintenance, can fully meet the demand of continuous work of industrialization.

Technical Specification
Laser Equipment
Laser Media / Fiber Laser
Nominal Power / 20W± 5%
Wavelength / 1064nm
Beam Quality / M2 <1.3
Power Stability (8h) / <± 1% RMS (power mode)
Freqency / 20-80kHz
Maintenance Intervals (MTBM) 100, 000 hours
Aiming Beam / Class 2M Red Diode Laser; =635± 5nm; 3mW
Power Supply / AC 90-240V / 50-60Hz / 1pH / 500W
Cooling (TE Peltier) / Heat Load 120W (409 BTU/h); Heat Load 240W (818 BTU/h)
Heat Exchange / Air cooled
Optical Fiber / 2M

Standard Marking Head
Objective F-theta / F160
Max Marking Area / 110*110 mm
Spot Size (@ 1/e2) / 115um
Position Accuracy / ± 6um
Focal Length / 160mm
Marking Speed / 400 char/s, Roman S, 1mm height
Conformance to EEC rules
89/336: "Electromagnetic Compatibility" - 73/23: "Low Voltage"
Conformance to EU Standard

Communications 3K EZCAD ? Development Kit, Serial RS 232C / Digital I/O
3K EZCAD? Development Kit, Serial RS 232C / Digital I/O
Inputs / Outputs /
Start / Stop Marking Ready
Power Level (0-10V) Busy
0Pen Up / Down () End marking
Modulation Running

Control Key Start Power on

Ambient conditions Operating temperature +0 to +35° C humidity 40% to max 70%, not condensing
+0 to +35° C 40%, 70%,
Laser Safety