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3D Dynamic Focusing Laser Marking Machine Application And Advantages
Sep 09, 2018

More precise laser marking on curved workpieces, no defocusing during processing, even complex surfaces can handle it. Through the self-developed 3D dynamic laser marking control hardware and software, a dedicated three-dimensional galvanometer is configured to perfectly control the laser beam to mark on any three-dimensional surface.

● High-precision 3D positioning technology, high-speed focusing and scanning system, laser beam fundamental mode, short pulse, high peak power, high repetition frequency, to provide customers with perfect marking effect;

● Leading 3D graphics processing technology, friendly interface, suitable for dxf, plt, dwg, bmp and other formats;

● High photoelectric conversion rate, long machine life and easy maintenance;

● Marking speed is fast, which greatly improves the processing efficiency.

Laser marking for various metal or non-metal products for 3D curved surfaces, widely used in laser three-dimensional marking of mobile phone manufacturing, stereo circuits, medical equipment, molds, 3C electronics, automotive parts, electronic communication and other industries.

Recommended equipment--MRJ-FL-3D20A

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Model MRJ-FL-3D series dynamic focusing fiber laser marking machine can be applied to any curved surface, sphere, step and irregular surface marking;

The laser focal length can be changed through the focusing axis, can also realize deep carving, to meet all 3D marking requirements;

Equipped with MM3D dynamic focus control software designed by Eastern Logic Inc, to realize high precision marking on any shaped objects;

Marking application sample

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