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3D Dynamic Laser Marker, Focused On Curved-Surface Marking
Jun 20, 2018

In the current manufacturing industry, the demand for personalization and customization is getting stronger and stronger. Laser marking as a new marking tool is bound to adapt to new processing trends, so 3D laser marking machine came into being. The 3D laser marking machine can make up for many deficiencies of the 2D laser marking machine and has unique advantages in surface marking and deep carving.

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The Curved-Surface marking

For traditional 2D marking machine, the workpiece must be placed on the same plane, and the processing surface must also be on the same plane in order to achieve a complete marking,but it cannot realize curved-surface marking. The 3D laser marking machine can quickly change the laser focal length and laser beam orientation, and can achieve curved-surface marking that 2D marking cannot do.

Deep carving

Traditional 2D marking has inherent flaws in the deep carving of objects. With the upward shift of the laser focus during the engraving process, the laser energy acting on the actual surface of the object will drastically decrease, which seriously affects the effect and efficiency of deep carving. Therefore, the lift table must be moved at a specific height at specific times during the engraving process to ensure the laser surface focusing effect. The 3D laser marking machine greatly reduces the surface flatness requirement of the processing object. In the process of deep carving, it not only guarantees the marking effect, but also improves the efficiency and rich the effect of processing.

MRJ 3D dynamic focus laser marking machine applies a pre-aggregate optical form and uses a larger X, Y-axis deflection lens, so it can achieve a larger laser spot, better gathering accuracy and better energy effect; And compared with 2D, 3D laser marking can be used to mark larger scales . The 3D laser marking machine can realize one-time marking of a cylinder within a certain arc, which greatly improves the processing power.

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In the industrial production process, the appearance of many parts is irregular, and the height difference is quite large, 2D marking is difficult to meet the processing demand. The advantages of 3D laser marking will gradually become more prominent.

MRJ 3D dynamic laser marking applies unique control hardware and software,working with a special three-dimensional galvanometer,it realize laser marking on curved workpieces more accurately. No defocus phenomenon during processing, and complex curved-surfaces can be realized easily..