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Advantages Of Vision Positioning Laser Marker
Jun 27, 2018

Vision positioning laser marking system is an embedded vision positioning product,which realizes the real-time acquisition of dual-channel video signals ,tracks the target position in real time through image processing technology. It also displays the positioning indication information and outputs the target position to the PLC or host computer to achieve the visual positioning function of the laser marking machine. Its advantages as follows:

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◆ Track the target position of the marker in real time and display the current physical coordinates of the target

◆ The visual positioning accuracy can be freely set according to the application requirements, up to 10 microns

◆ Camera calibration function to achieve the conversion between visual coordinates and physical coordinates

◆ Can track any shape target, the tracking range can be set

◆ Smart template login, automatic extraction of target template within the specified range

◆ Fitting positioning mode can be used to position different targets at second place, realizing rapid alignment

◆ Cross-line, positioning frame, positioning park and other calibration methods a key switch

◆ Host adopts embedded fanless industrial controller to adapt to different industrial environments

◆ Can communicate with the PLC through the serial port, output positioning information

◆ Support mouse operation and touch screen operation

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