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Analyze The Type And Principle Of Laser Equipment
Jun 06, 2018

First, the type of laser equipment

A wide variety of laser marking machines can be roughly divided into fiber laser marking machines, carbon dioxide laser marking machines, semiconductor laser marking machines, UV laser marking machines, and green laser marking machines, depending on the nature of lasers. Optical fiber, carbon dioxide, semiconductor, and ultraviolet are all processed on the surface of the product, while green light is marked on the inside of glass and crystal products. Therefore, green light is also called an internal engraving machine, and gold-wood-fired and soil-based products can be used with lasers. The machine to processing!

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Second, the principle of laser equipment

Laser marking machine processing refers to the physical change and individual chemical change of the surface of the laser in contact with the product, so that the surface vaporizes and evaporates! Engrave the edited image on the surface of the product for a permanent mark!

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In the past, some products on the market were marked by silk screen printing, that is, the traditional process technology. Although the effect of silk screen printing is very clear, it is not suitable for today's market environment. First of all, it does not reach the permanent mark. As a result, the frequent rubbing of the silk-screened text pattern erases the surface ink. Also, silk ink is a consumable item and silk screen alone cannot be used for work. Secondly, the product circulation market marked by ink through silk screens is difficult to sell due to unqualified environmental testing. The most important point is that the first point in international trade is the environmental protection issue. It is not adopted for the current market conditions. , And laser marking machine just to solve the above problems of screen printing technology, laser marking machine because of its laser properties, is the evaporation of material on the surface of the product, so as to achieve a certain depth, can achieve the effect of permanent marking, followed by laser marking machine As long as the electricity can work, there is no other consumables, which saves costs. Because the laser works on the surface of the product, it will not damage the product or add anything, so as to meet the requirements of environmental protection.

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Because of the various advantages of laser marking machines, it meets the needs and needs of today's market. With the rapid development of economy, people are pursuing efficiency and quality, and at the same time, the technological requirements for the surface text patterns of products have become higher and higher. Absorb high-quality talents, nurture the backbone, keep its process technology at the forefront of the industry, and technology is the core of the company to survive better in the industry!