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Application Of Fiber Laser Marking Engraving Machine
Jun 17, 2018

With the development the economy, each type of commodity in circulation needs to indicate the relevant information, such as date of manufacture and shelf life on the packing. Packaging is the carrier of information, and good labeling of the product can improve the customers’ confidence of this product. MRJ-Laser Marking Machine is a machine that adds labels to packages or products. It is not only aesthetic, but more importantly, it can complete tracking and management of product sales, especially in the pharmaceutical and food industries, it can accurately and timely start the product recall mechanism.

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1, Semiconductor integrated circuit industry

Mainly used in IC board, semiconductor components marking, including text or graphic signs (one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code). Due to the non-contact processing method, no mechanical pressure is generated, and the laser focused beam is extremely fine, and fine processing can be carried out on small components,such as integrated circuits, crystal oscillators, capacitors).

2, Food and beverage industry

Completely replace the inkjet printer, no loss, no pollution, maintenance-free, low operating costs; compatible with production lines, no pause, high-quality online flight laser marking. It is used in laser marking of serial numbers, consumption dates, shelf life, etc. of wine, food and beverage products.

3, Building ceramics industry

It is widely used in the exquisite processing and manufacturing of building materials,such as PVC pipes, aluminum material, household products, sanitary wares, architectural ceramics, and so on.

4, Plastic rubber industry

Mainly used in plastic products (such as plastic buttons) marking, PVC, PE, PP, PT, ABS and other types of plastic products marking

5, Jewelry industry

The processing of watches and clocks, pens, combs, craft bamboo slips and other craft gifts; Also widely used in jewelry processing.

6, Precision instrumentation industry

Especially for the marking of precision instruments,like medical instruments, it can provide authoritative solutions for precision machining.

7, Household appliances industry

Applied to household appliances, small household appliances, sound equipment marking. Product signage, stainless steel panels, engineering plastics auto parts, labeling, and advancement of product added value.

8, Machinery and equipment manufacturing

Laser processing is a non-contact processing method. It does not produce mechanical pressure. The laser beam is extremely fine and highly safe. It can mark letters, numbers and graphics on the label of mechanical equipment.

9, Printing card industry

The application of laser marking machine in the card printing industry mainly refers to the use of lasers to create various information marks on the surface of the card, such as serial numbers, passwords, and bar codes. The advantage is that there are no consumables, the printing effect is more refined and the resolution is higher. The disadvantage rate is low and the characters cannot be erased.

10. Food industry

The application of MRJ-Laser laser marking machine in the food industry currently mainly refers to the use of lasers to create various information signs on the surface of food products, such as: patterns, two-dimensional codes, etc. The advantage is that there is no consumables, the printing effect is more precise and clear, and the resolution is better. High, low defect rate, clean and pollution-free.