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Application Of Fiber Laser Marking Machine In Different Industries
Jul 12, 2018

Nowadays, fiber lasers are gradually replacing the leading positions of traditional choppers in laser marking, laser welding, laser cutting and other fields. In the marking category, fiber lasers have high beam quality and positioning accuracy.

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First, industrial application of fiber laser marking machine

Industrial production requires high reliability, small size, quietness and easy handling. Fiber lasers are widely used because of their compact layout, high light conversion compliance, short warm-up time, small external influences, maintenance-free, and easy coupling with optical fibers or light-guiding systems.

Nowadays, fiber lasers are gradually replacing the leading positions of traditional lasers in laser marking, laser welding, and laser cutting. In the marking category, due to the high beam quality and positioning accuracy of fiber lasers, the fiber marking system is replacing the Nd:YAG pulse laser marking system that is not subject to high carbon dioxide laser and xenon pumping; in the Taixi and Japan markets. This kind of substitution is held in a straightforward manner. In Japan alone, the monthly demand is over 100 units. As the largest industrial manufacturing country in the world, China's demand for fiber laser marking machines is very large. It is expected to exceed the demand of 2,000 units per year. In the field of laser welding and cutting, with the development of thousands of watts or even tens of megawatts of fiber lasers, fiber lasers have also been applied. Prior to IPG, German BMW Motors purchased their high-power fiber lasers for door welding production lines.

Second, the application of fiber laser in sensing

Compared to other light sources, fiber lasers are used as sensing sources with many advantages. First of all, fiber lasers have high performance, tunability, good stability, compact size, light weight, easy maintenance and good light quality. Secondly, the fiber laser can be well coupled to the fiber, fully compatible with existing fiber optic devices, and can be fully fiber tested.

Fiber optic sensing based on tunable narrow linewidth fiber lasers is now one of the hottest applications in this category. The parametric fiber laser has a narrow spectral linewidth, an extremely long dry length, and can be quickly modulated for frequency. Applying this narrow linewidth fiber laser to the diffuse sensing system enables ultra-long-distance, ultra-high-precision fiber sensing. In the United States and Europe, this sensing capability based on tunable narrow-linewidth fiber lasers is used throughout the territory for quiet and stressful monitoring, kerosene/random gas pipelines

Third, the application of fiber laser in communication

Compared with the general laser system, the fiber laser has obvious advantages in terms of layout compactness, heat dissipation, beam quality, volume, and compatibility with existing systems, and has been widely used in communication fields.

The mode-locked fiber laser with the fiber of the gain medium can generate ultra-short optical pulses with high repetition rate, pulse width of picosecond or femtosecond, and its lasing wavelength falls on the best window of fiber communication 1.55. In the μn band, it is the future high-speed optical communication.

Fourth, the application of fiber laser in therapy

Today, most of the lasers used in clinical applications are argon ion lasers, carbon dioxide lasers, and YAG lasers, but usually their beam quality is not high, they have a very large volume, they require a huge water cooling system, and they are very poorly placed and maintained. Fiber lasers can be added. Since the water molecules have a suction peak at 2μn, a 2μm fiber laser can be used as a surgical thing to achieve rapid hemostasis, and the elimination of the artificial structure of the powder brick.

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