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Application Of Laser Cleaning Technology In Lithium Battery Packaging
Aug 08, 2018

As a new type of laser surface treatment technology, laser cleaning technology has been greatly developed in the last 10 years. As mainstream laser system manufacturers continue to launch their laser cleaning products in 2016-2017, laser cleaning technology has truly completed the experiment. Enter the leap of industrial applications.

As an effective supplement to traditional cleaning technology, laser cleaning technology has no grinding, non-contact, small thermal effect, suitable for a variety of material cleaning characteristics, and these advantages are precisely the short board of traditional cleaning technology, laser cleaning technology is really industrial cleaning Applications and markets have opened up a whole new field; at the same time, laser cleaning technology is widely recognized as one of the most reliable and effective material surface treatment solutions due to its advanced laser technology and high reliability.

New energy battery electrolyte and oxide cleaning is a typical application of laser cleaning technology, and this application will be difficult to solve if using traditional cleaning methods: after injecting the electrolyte, the lithium battery injection hole needs to be welded and sealed. In the scale industrial production process, the welding process is usually completed by using a vision system with a fully automatic laser welding machine. Since the electrolyte residue remains around the injection hole, the vision system may not correctly identify the position of the injection hole, so the laser welding machine may be incorrectly welded. Injecting holes leads to poor; therefore, electrolyte residues must be cleaned before visual system identification and laser welding of the injection holes. Since the lithium battery electrolyte is extremely harmful to the human body, it is quite difficult to clean the battery surface manually or by conventional methods.

Laser cleaning is an ideal solution to solve the problem of lithium battery electrolyte cleaning. Fesford has customized a lithium battery laser cleaning solution for a large customer in Guangdong Province. The solution uses IPG 200W pulsed fiber laser and high-precision vision system. The vision system is used to identify lithium battery holes. The IPG fiber laser is used to remove electrolytes and oxides. The solution is fully automatic and does not require manual operation. Therefore, it does not cause harm to human health. The system is fast, reliable and relatively cost-effective. low.