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Application Of Laser Marking Machine On Acrylic
Feb 28, 2019

Application of laser marking machine on acrylic

Acrylic is the most commonly used engraving material for wood. It is easy to cut and engrave. It has a variety of shapes and sizes and is relatively inexpensive. There are two production processes for plexiglass: casting and calendering. The laser engraving machine mainly uses plexiglass produced by casting, because its frosting effect after laser engraving is very white, which is in sharp contrast with the original transparent texture. The plexiglass produced is still transparent after laser engraving, and there is not enough contrast. When buying plexiglass, you should emphasize to the dealers a good variety of high purity, otherwise the materials returned may be melted when engraving or cutting.



In general, the plexiglass is back-engraved, that is, it is engraved from the front and viewed from the back, which makes the finished product more three-dimensional. Please mirror the graphics in the back carving, and the carving speed is faster and the power is lower. If the power is too high when engraving, there will be uneven stripes on the bottom surface. If you want to dig deeper, try to sculpt several times. In the case of back carving, the coloring should be carved deeper and then polished with a flame polisher to fill the color. If not polished, the color seen from the front will not be uniform.