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Application Of Laser Marking Machine On Tablet LOGO
Aug 06, 2018

In order to manifest their brands, tablet manufacturers will mark their own logo and some information on the back of the product. These brand logos, which look very beautiful and unique, require a high engraving effect. The engraving LOGO ensures that the back cover does not have any crush or wear.

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The traditional marking technology uses silk screen printing,which is not delicate with heavy ink flavour, difficult to color, printing effect is not so good. And what’s more,it has serious pollution to the environment.

The laser marking machine has a high conversion efficiency, air cooling method, small in size, the excellent output beam quality and high reliability. The laser marking machine is used to mark the manufacturer's logo on the tablet,non-contact marking way, and the marking is exquisite and permanent, non-polluting and high in anti-counterfeiting. Therefore, laser marking machines are favored by more and more manufacturers.