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Application Of Laser Marking Machine On Wire And Cable
Jul 19, 2018

Cable is a wire that conducts current. Nowadays, the cable has been widely used in our daily life and has become a non-negligible existence. Due to the large number of various cables, it is often difficult to distinguish the functions of different cables. And the wires are indispensable materials for users in the process of using electricity, Therefore, the quality of the cables is directly related to the electricity safety for thousands of households.

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In the past, the main marking method of the cable was inkjet printing, the logo was easy to fall off and fade.But the cable line layout was generally used for a long time, which may be several years or ten years or even longer, and the cable environment is generally exposed to the air or buried in the ground, so the ink mark is often worn off.

At this time, the cable manufacturers need a permanent marking machine that does not lose varnish and does not fall off paint. The laser marking machine can solve this problem.

The cable laser marking machine can realize the marking function through the high-speed scanning galvanometer system. The laser marking is exquisite and will never fall off and fade, which perfectly solves the drawbacks caused by the traditional coding method.

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