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Application Of Laser Processing Technology In Mobile Phone Camera Module Industry
Jul 08, 2018

Nowadays, smart phones are becoming thinner and lighter, and mobile phone camera modules are getting smaller and smaller. How to process and handle such micro-components has become an important part of the development. Laser processing technology is an important tool in the field of micro-precision machining. It has high processing precision and can process various types of components, especially in the field of cameras.

The PCB circuit board in the mobile phone camera module is composed of a soft and hard combination board of FR4 and FPC, and some of them are pure hard or soft boards. The application of laser technology to this sector is mainly for FR4 laser cutting and FPC laser cutting technology, and another laser processing technology is to carry out two-dimensional code laser marking technology on FR4 or on FPC.

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The laser marking technology is mainly applied to the surface marking of the camera chip. It is usually marked with the logo of the enterprise and the related information of the product, and plays the role of brand promotion and downstream link management and operation. With the advancement of products, the introduction of the application of internal traceability systems, laser marking technology for chip surface QR is becoming more and more popular.

There is a link conductive module on the bracket, and the conductive metal module inside is small and very thin. The laser welding technology can effectively strengthen the welding firmness, improve the conductivity and prevent damage.

The glass in the camera module belongs to ultra-thin glass. It is not only unable to break it during processing, but also to ensure its strength and chipping rate. The advantage of using laser processing technology is that the processing speed is fast, the chipping is small, and the yield rate is good. high.

The laser marking technology in the lens and motor is mainly a two-dimensional code of less than 0.5*0.5mm on the surface or edge mark, which plays the role of anti-counterfeiting and traceback.

You can see the importance of laser technology from the process of small camera module.

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