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Application Of UV Laser Marking On Plastics
Oct 11, 2018

If the two scanning galvanometers are mounted at a 90 degree angle to each other, an ultraviolet laser marking machine can mark both sides of the workpiece. The conversion time of the laser beam moving from one scanning galvanometer to another is approximately 50 ms.

UV laser marking machine: color change

Marking on plastic electrical switches generally changes the color under the surface of the material, such as carbonization. When using an ultraviolet laser marking machine, black marking can be achieved by selectively carbonizing the lower surface of the plastic surface. The input of thermal energy is limited to a small designated area, so that the marked content is clearly distinguished from the background material, which is easy to identify.

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The UV laser marking machine has a wavelength of 355 nm. It provides a new way to mark plastic electrical switches. In addition to the characteristics of a general marking machine, the outstanding advantage of a successful laser is that a laser head can be equipped with two scanning galvanometers. Therefore, the marking speed can be doubled, or the marking can be made on both sides of the part. The fastest marking speed can reach 3000 characters/second.

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The application of the UV laser marking machine has attracted much attention due to the creation of a new way of marking plastic materials. The energy of the short-wavelength UV laser output excites the photochemical reaction of the material, while the UV laser marking machine avoids excessive heat input and causes material damage. The main features of the UV laser marking machine: fast speed and high resolution. When processing sensitive materials such as flame retardant-containing plastics, UV laser marking machines enable high-resolution marking while achieving better surface quality and faster processing speeds. Compared with infrared and green laser marking machines, UV laser marking machines do not require any expensive laser-sensitive additives during material processing, which can significantly achieve faster processing speeds and marking quality.

Mark the same content at the same time

Successful laser laser marking machines for plastic applications are equipped with dual scanning head systems with simultaneous beam splitters, each producing 1/2 of the laser energy. The two scan heads simultaneously align the same content on the workpiece, thereby doubling the throughput of the entire system.

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Mark the same or different content in turn

A dual scan head system with an asynchronous beam splitter allows different content to be individually marked in sequence. The energy of the laser is not split, and the entire energy of the laser is sequentially introduced into the two scanning galvanometers by the shutter. The content of the marking can be the same or different.