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Beautiful Lighting Is Also Inseparable From Laser Marking
Sep 05, 2018

With the development of the advertising industry, the development of various advertising material advertising resources, various advertising materials and advertising design has become the top priority of the advertising industry. Outdoor LED advertising projectors are an emerging form of advertising. The LED advertising projection lamp is projected by the light source using the pattern in the lens. How do the lens patterns be made when different companies need to customize different advertising patterns?

Application characteristics of laser marking machine on LED lamp marking:

Everyone may not know it, using laser marking machine equipment to mark. At present, the laser marking machine has been accepted by various industries, and it is inseparable from the principle of its work and its advantages. The cold working of the laser marking machine can literally be understood that this method no longer marks the surface of the processed object by heating, and the laser marking machine is no longer a traditional color marking, but by engraving Therefore, it has a permanent, traditional marking process. The annual consumables cost undoubtedly restrict the development of various industries in China. The laser marking machine does not need consumables in the process of use, can reduce the marking cost, and adopts computer control, not only can The probability of failure due to improper manual operation is reduced, and the processing efficiency can be greatly improved.

The market advantage of laser marking machine on LED lamp marking:

Now everyone knows how the projection screen of LED advertising projectors comes from. Laser marking machine equipment has great value in the market. Its wide application brings the whole industry reform and breakthrough bottleneck to the market, saving manpower and improving efficiency. And there is no corrosion process, green production, laser marking machine in various industries.

The outdoor LED advertising projection lamp is an emerging form of advertising, which leaves everyone with a visually different feeling, and at the same time enhances the product value of the advertisement itself. With the application of precision laser processing equipment such as laser marking machines and laser cutting machines, outdoor LED advertising lights will inevitably give you a different visual experience.

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Equipment Introduction:

Model MRJ-FL-3D series dynamic focusing fiber laser marking machine can be applied to any curved surface, sphere, step and irregular surface marking;

The laser focal length can be changed through the focusing axis, can also realize deep carving, to meet all 3D marking requirements;

Equipped with MM3D dynamic focus control software designed by Eastern Logic Inc, to realize high precision marking on any shaped objects;