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Cable Line Laser Marking Machine Performance
Oct 11, 2018

In today's production line is becoming more and more intelligent, water-based marking, automatic marking is more important in the choice of many processors! In this case, the laser marking of the cable has to be controlled by an automated system.

Cable laser marking performance:

1. Optical fiber, CO2, and UV laser can be installed to mark different factory wire materials. Customers can send samples for free proofing;

2. Marking work platform specially designed for cable coils, which can continuously complete online flight laser marking;

3. Unique hardware configuration can measure cable movement speed in real time, thus realizing dynamic cable length marking;

4. Laser marking has the characteristics of fast marking (≥15000mm/s) marking process non-contact and permanent marking compared with traditional marking.

5. Can be easily integrated into the assembly line to achieve large-scale uninterrupted marking tasks;

6. Vibrating mirror type high-precision marking head, the marking effect is fine and can be repeated;

7. Meet the needs of industrial high-volume online or offline production.

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