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Category Composition Of CO2 Laser Marking Machine
Nov 25, 2016

CO2 laser marker laser marking lasers can be divided into imports of metal tube, metallic tube laser marking machines, domestic glass tube laser marking machine. CO2 laser marker laser wavelength is 10.64um,

CO2 laser marking machine with cross flow laser marking machine, laser marking machine for axial-flow.

① Cross flow laser marking machine: cross the beam quality of the laser marking machine is not very good, both at home and abroad for laser processing of high-power CO2 laser marking machine. For multimode output, mainly for heat treating and welding. Has been able to produce a variety of high power lateral-flow CO2 laser marking machine series, to meet the needs of domestic heat treatment and laser welding.

② axial laser marking machine: axial beam quality of the laser marking machine is better, for the base model or schema output, mainly for laser cutting and welding, laser cutting equipment markets is mainly occupied by the axial laser marking machines abroad. Although domestic manufacturers of laser marking machine laser marking machine for axial-flow in a foreign country did a lot of work on, but because of major components to be imported, the product price is significantly down, low coverage