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China Launches 'defender' New Single Soldier Portable Laser Suppression Weapon
Jul 24, 2018

Recently, at the 4th China (Beijing) Military-Military Integration Technology and Equipment Expo in 2018, a new type of individual portable laser suppression weapon named "defender" appeared low-key.

The "defender" uses aviation aluminum, which is small in size, light in weight, convenient to carry, and has the characteristics of good man-machine efficiency, long launch distance, high probability of hit, and concealed combat mode. It adopts laser lens imaging transformation technology, and through the first beam expansion-collimation-convergence scheme of the output laser, the laser beam output from the fiber laser is imaged at a long distance, which solves the problem that the product has poor damage effect on long-distance targets. The laser optical system and the white light sighting system of the launching gun are integrated. The design of the double mirror group makes the laser emitting optical axis coincide with the optical axis of the sighting, which improves the damage and interference accuracy of the long distance.

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In addition, the Defender can emit high-intensity invisible laser beams without producing any sound. In combat use, it is not affected by wind direction, wind speed, temperature and humidity, etc., and it is not necessary to perform ballistic solution, which greatly improves the probability of hitting the target.

In the absence of access to the enemy, the "defender" can cause damage to the optical equipment of the armored target, the main line of the communication hub, the important components of the interception equipment, the radar antenna and the key parts of the missile launching device. Can not work normally. It can also carry out covert attacks on important arsenals, oil depots, mobile ammunition vehicles, tank trucks, chemical storage vehicles and other inflammable and explosive dangerous goods in enemy fixed facilities to achieve the purpose of harassment.