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China Overcomes Turbine Blade Laser Processing System
Aug 12, 2018

Recently, Chinese related units have successfully developed a complex shaped hole laser processing system for aero-engine turbine blades, which marks that the domestic aviation engine has overcome a difficult problem and laid a solid foundation for mass production of the WS-15 engine.

Turbine blade complex shaped holes are mainly used for aero-engine air film cooling, which can effectively reduce the fuel chamber, high pressure turbine operating temperature and improve engine performance.

The internal space of the aero-engine hot end parts is small, and it is very difficult to machine the special-shaped holes in such a small space. There are five-axis coordinate linkage conversion, auto focus and compensation, normal automatic detection and inclination control, CAD-driven multi-station automatic processing, etc. Many technical difficulties. Due to the domestic economic and technological level and industrial base restrictions, domestic aviation engines have not been able to overcome this difficulty for a long time, resulting in lower cooling efficiency of hot-end components, which in turn limits the engine front turbine temperature, thereby reducing engine thrust and reliability.

After continuous efforts, the relevant units finally overcome this technical difficulty, indicating that the thrust and reliability of domestic aviation engines will increase substantially.