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CO2 Laser Marking Machine Troubleshooting
Nov 25, 2016

Laser tube voltmeter include instruction light not working light joint heat

Common in the light of joint mobilization and laser tube installed. Inspection method: optical correction. Remedy: replace or adjust the light guide, calibration light path. II laser power is reduced

Common in laser tube aging. Check: voltage with a multimeter check the voltage regulator with a pressure gauge to check the laser tube operating voltage. Treatment: replace aging laser tube and replace the damaged components.

Laser tube is not lit ① voltage meter indicating common in power supply lines open. And foot pedal or manual switch connection is bad. Check: measured with a multimeter. Address: repair or replacement. ② voltmeter without indication

A common fuse or circuit open circuit. Check with a multimeter measurement. Treatment: replace the fuse, or close the circuit. ③ power led not lit

Common fused, into the line of poor contact, poor light lines or bad led. Check: check for blown fuses, check the power wire and check the led circuit. Treatment: replace the fuse and repair the wires and replace the led. ④ continuous burning fuse is common in short circuit inside the machine, and inside there are serious dirt. Check: step by step check line for HV circuit. Address: fix short circuit, remove dirt. ⑤ machine discharge or arc common dust inside the machine, standing water or excessive humidity and corrosive gases. Check: in the dark discharge points. Treatment: removal of dust, water, and replace the work environment. ⑥ Laser instability

In CO2 laser marking machine has poor contact points, a slight intermittent fault in the machine. Check: check line step by step. Treatment: replace wire, welding head again, cleaned.