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CO2 Laser Marking Machine Using The Process
Nov 25, 2016

Check the waterways, circuit correctly the rear boot. Boot sequence as:

① Connect line power supply, turn the key switch. Machine ventilation and refrigeration system powered on, ammeter displays values about 7A;

② 5-10 seconds, pressing the trigger button on the Control Panel, meter display value is zero, 3-5 seconds later, krypton lamp lit, ammeter shows value of 7 a. (See power supply operating instructions);

③ power on the scanner;

④ turn the computer on, marking files needed to bring up;

⑤ to adjust laser power supply current (10~18A), you can start marking;

Marking after the reverse order described above to close the component power:

① laser power supply current to the minimum (7A);

② shut down your computer;

Third, power down the scanner;

II press the stop button;

II turn off key switch;

F disconnect the line power supply.