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Common Causes Of Unstable Laser Marking Machine Power
Oct 07, 2018

At present, there are many types of laser marking machines on the market, and the expression of power is also different. For example, CO2 laser marking machine, laser power is 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W, etc., the whole machine power is 700W, 1000W, etc., of course, laser marking Machine UV laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, etc.

Understanding the simple laser marking machine power reduction problem and the corresponding solution is the skill that the enterprise CO2 laser marking machine maintenance personnel must have, more reasonable operation specifications, and also the guarantee for manufacturing excellent products. I hope that through our explanation, we can help your business. We also hope to bring a series of excellent laser marking machine solutions to more enterprises.

The laser marking machine belongs to professional industrial processing equipment. It takes a long time to use and is prone to some unexpected situations. For example, many users find that the power of the laser marking machine is unstable. The following are the eight common reasons for the instability of the laser marking machine:

1. Marking speed is too fast

Solution: Slow down the marking speed appropriately.

2. The laser power supply voltage drops, causing the laser output power to drop.

Solution: The power supply needs to be replaced.

3. The optical path system is not accurate

Solution one: adjust the laser.

Solution 2: Adjust the position of the beam expander. The incident light should be at the center of the aperture of the beam expander, and the exit light should be at the center of the exit hole.

4. The surface of the workpiece is not on the focal plane

Solution: Adjust the surface of the workpiece to the focus.

5. Beam mirror position and direction are not accurate

Solution: Adjust the position of the beam expander.

6. The laser entering the galvanometer is off center

Solution: Adjust the laser.

7. Lens and lens are stained

Solution: Clean or replace.

8. The equipment has a long service life

Solution: Need to inflate or replace with a new laser.

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As the largest component of laser equipment application in China, laser marking machine can not be ignored in the production and processing. Therefore, any potential problems will cause loss of enterprise benefits. The maintenance and maintenance of laser marking machine equipment is very Necessary. The decline of the power of the laser marking machine will lead to the poor processing process, so that the processing effect can not meet the industrial requirements. The analysis and solution of this cause is a crucial task of the processing operation.