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DARPA Wants To Develop Laser-driven Solar Drones
Aug 11, 2018

According to foreign media reports, DARPA will select Silent Falcon UAV Technology as the prime contractor for the laser beam-driven drone project. The project, dubbed the “Ubiquitous Energy Supplement – Energy Beam Projection Demonstration” (SUPER PBD), aims to develop a solar-powered, fixed-wing long-endurance drone that can be recharged remotely with a laser beam.

DARPA will demonstrate the feasibility of using a laser source to remotely charge an aircraft. By using cascaded "fly" and "fly and charge" cycles to achieve long-term continuous flight, the aircraft can replenish energy without landing.

Power illuminating is an emerging subversive technology. In system design, we need to balance some important indicators, such as safety and power density, wavelength and aperture size of energy beam. In recent years, energy beam projection related technologies have made some breakthroughs. Improve the feasibility of the system.