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Development And Prospects Of Laser Engraving Machine
Mar 05, 2019

Development and prospects of laser engraving machine

There are many kinds of laser equipment on the market, which are summarized as follows: laser marking, laser welding, laser cutting, laser engraving, laser drilling, laser demonstration, laser plate making machine, laser beauty, laser medical, laser coding, Laser heat treatment and so on. They are the crystallization products of laser technology and software control technology, bringing vitality to modern industrial civilization.


At present, with the development and promotion of laser engraving equipment in application technology and technology, the manufacturing and sales of laser plane marking and engraving equipment have shown a good upward trend. Companies engaged in the development, manufacture, and sales of laser equipment in the country, as well as companies that represent foreign laser equipment, are rapidly increasing. Competition is also becoming increasingly fierce.

However, all laser equipment in the domestic market is stuck in the laser plane engraving stage, and no company or research unit can come up with a laser three-dimensional engraving system. Some fine three-dimensional mold carvings still rely on computer carvings or hand carvings. However, both machine carving and hand carving have great weaknesses and limitations, which restrict the development of some fine crafts. There are several laser research institutions in China that are researching laser three-dimensional engraving machines.


In the field of fine carving, the best traditional mechanical carving equipment in China is MRJ-laser, which has won huge market and success in solving fine carving molds. However, due to the inherent limitations of mechanical knife carving, there are still many high-end carvings that cannot be realized. In some areas, it has to be hand-carved or repaired with the help of superb craftsmanship. In terms of laser engraving molds, there are Chengdu MRJ-laser, which are mainly sold to the mold manufacturing industry by using high-power laser marking machines. The current sales situation is good. However, because its engraving technology can only engrave plane text and patterns, there is still a distance from the laser three-dimensional engraving, so it is still not able to show its talents in this field.


Laser 3D laser engraving system (English name: 3D laser engraving system) is another new member of the laser equipment family. It is another important symbol of the progress of laser technology and a tool for the mold manufacturing industry. Laser three-dimensional engraving mold refers to the high-energy laser beam engraving the 2D or 3D shape you need on the mold material or on the copper electrode. At the same time, it is essentially different from the current crystal engraving machine. The three-dimensional concept of the crystal engraving machine is a three-dimensional image of a certain density of point clouds, and can only be applied to crystal crafts. The laser three-dimensional engraving machine is a three-dimensional solid space engraving realized by precise CAD software technology, so it can be applied not only in the field of general product finishing, but also in the field of mold manufacturing.