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Fiber Laser System Is Expected To Sell 8.9 Billion US Dollars In 2028
Jul 13, 2018

Fiber lasers are compact and energy-efficient laser systems that provide the best quality beam for applications where accuracy is critical. It is predicted that global fiber laser system sales will reach 8.9 billion US dollars by 2028.

Fiber laser technology is based on fiber optics, which directs laser radiation through the fiber to the application point, ensuring safe operation and simplification of operation into robotics. In a variety of industries, the replacement of traditional laser or non-laser technology with fiber lasers maximizes processing speed and accuracy while minimizing operating costs.

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Potential market for fiber lasers

Material Processing: Continuous Improvement and Innovative Fiber Lasers have a large share of the laser material processing market. Continuous technological innovation led by major suppliers such as IPG Photonics enables fiber lasers to further replace competitive laser and non-laser technologies.

Based on research with new industry experts in fiber lasers 2018-2028: Recent advances in fiber laser welding and 3D printing are important for lightweighting automotive and aerospace manufacturing.

Sensing: The commercial application of fiber lasers in sensing is often limited to high-precision LiDAR for ground mapping, ranging and wind speed sensing. Emerging fiber laser technology will have a major impact on gas sensing and structural health monitoring over the next decade.

Healthcare: Fiber lasers offer wavelengths comparable to new fluorescent labels and biomolecules. Major companies collaborate with research institutions to optimize fiber laser systems for biomedical imaging and medical surgery.