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Flying Laser Marking Machine, Fast Than You Thought
Jun 15, 2018

Since its birth, laser marking machine, a highly cost-effective marking device, has been widely used in all fields.

In order to meet the rapid development of processing needs in various industries, laser marking machines are constantly bringing new ones to the next level. They are evolving toward higher power, larger marking field, smaller size, portability, and high speed.

It is no doubt that the flying laser marking machine tops all which can adapt to the fast-paced processing demand of industrialization.In simple terms, the meaning of flying laser marking is to follow the assembly line work, cooperate with industrial automation, and complete the workpiece mark in a period of time, which is an embodiment of automation. While the stationary laser marking is a mode of semi-automatic marking, manual loading and unloading, placing the workpiece on the working platform, and manually unload after marking.

Taking MRJ-Laser flying series laser marking machine as an example,MRJ-Laser flying laser marking machine series covers mainstream lasers such as optical fiber, ultraviolet and CO2, and is widely used in fast moving consumer goods, daily chemicals, building materials, tobacco and alcohol And other industries.

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The two-dimensional code safety traceability automation line of the food and drug industry,which integrated flying series laser marking machine, can realize a series of links such as automatic folding box capping, automatic loading, automatic weighing (rejection of rejected products), and simultaneous configuration in the production line. Anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting systems for each product are supervised and coded and data collected to ensure product quality traceability and quality control, and truly fully automated production.

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At the same time, the production line integrated flying laser marking machine has no manual intervention, and the overall processing speed has also been qualitatively improved.

To mark a two-dimensional code on plastic bottle cap, MRJ- Laser flying marking efficiency up to a single channel 800 pcs/ min, up to dual-channel 1600 pcs/ min.

To mark a bar code,MRJ- Laser flying marking efficiency up to 3000pcs/min.

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With the fast development of every field, faster processing speeds have been the common pursuit of manufacturers. Flying laser marking machines were born in this era and also benefit this era.