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Flying Laser Marking V.S. Static Laser Marking?
Jul 02, 2018

With the development of laser marking machine technology, it has been infiltrated into all walks of life. The marking of logo, company name, model number, patent number, production date, batch number, model number, barcode and QR code has been widely recognized by everyone. know. With the continuous development of this marking mode, on-line flight marking has become a standard equipment, marking all types of cables, packaging, pipes, beverages and other materials.

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What is the difference between a Flying laser marking machine and a Static laser marking machine?

To put it simply, flying laser marking means following the assembly line work. In conjunction with industrial automation, it is an automation manifestation of where the workpiece is finished marking in a period of time. The still laser marking is a semi-automatic marking mode. The workpiece is manually loaded and unloaded, and the workpiece is placed on the working platform. The

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The main difference between the two is the difference between the core device laser, galvanometer, and control software. In simple terms, lasers need to work more efficiently, galvos are faster, and control software needs to be more comprehensive. The main manifestation is the marking time during the laser marking process, which is also the main performance of a flying laser marking machine. Mainly reflected in the galvanometer flight speed, the main factors affecting are:

1. Various delay parameters of the galvanometer of the laser marking machine;

2. The speed at which the control card processes and transmits data.

3. The galvanometer jump and marking speed;

From this we can see why in some high-end applications, the frequency of use of imported galvanometers is much higher than that of domestic galvanometers. It is recommended to import the galvanometer SCANLAB, CTI, and the galvanometer made in China.

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In addition, this speed has a lot to do with the working format, such as the deflection angle of the galvanometer and the working range of the field lens. Therefore, the performance of a marking machine is not limited to the core device laser. The choice of galvanometer and field lens is equally important. It is like the original title of the barrel, whichever is short. 

Generally speaking, the requirements for static are not very high, and most of them are domestically produced equipment, which needs to be determined according to requirements. Most of them are domestic lasers and domestic galvanometers. For the flight laser marking in industrial automation, almost all galvo mirrors are imported. 

In general, the flying laser marking machine is fast and has a high degree of industrial automation. There is no need to add manual positions. Static marking requires manual loading and unloading. It is a semi-automatic processing mode and requires the addition of artificial positions. The configuration of hardware devices for flying laser marking must be high compared to the hardware devices for stationary laser marking.