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Handheld Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Jun 13, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:MFL-20W-IVB

  • Engraving Machine Type:Laser Marking Machine

  • Usage:Metal

  • Laser Type:Fiber Laser

  • Control:CNC

  • Origin:Tianjin

Product Description

For electronic components, electrical products, IT industry, auto parts,
Hardware products, precision instruments, gift accessories, medical equipment
And other high-end products, precision, fine logo print. Typical applications
Such as plastic (PA66) heat insulating flight laser marking, metal plate
Automatic loading and unloading of laser marking, packaging boxes, body-line
Laser marking machines.

Fiber laser marking machine is the world's most advanced laser
Marking equipment. It can be widely used in various lines and high-speed static
Flight marking marking industry, to meet a variety of
High-precision, high-efficiency laser marking needs, using the world's leading
Fiber lasers and imported spare parts, high marking precision, speed fast, stable
Performance, long life of100, 000 hours.


Laser out put power: 5W/10W/20W
Laser beam: M2: < 2
Laser wave length: 1064nm
Cooling method: Air
Pulse frequency: 20KHz -100KHz
Marking area: 110mm*110mm (can as you reqest)
Engraving speed: ≤ 7000mm/s
Engraving depth: ≤ 0.3mm
Min line width: 0.015mm
Min character size: 0.15mm
Repeating accuracy: ± 0.003mm
Voltage: AC/220V/50HZ
Machine power: 800W