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How To Choose A Laser Machine?
Jul 31, 2018

As companies increasingly pay attention to cost savings, focus on environmental protection, and hope to improve the ability of anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting, people's eyes began to shift from the traditional coding technology to the latest laser coding technology. More and more companies are starting to use laser (jet) code machines. There are many types of lasers, and there are many technologies used. According to the types of laser generators, there are solid lasers, semiconductor lasers, CO2 lasers and YAG lasers. Different lasers are suitable for different industries. The CO2 laser is the most widely used in the field of packaging labeling. Here we mainly discuss the CO2 laser coder that can be used in conjunction with production to achieve online flight marking.

How to choose a laser machine that is suitable for your company, most users will have this or that question. Here are some tips and tricks for everyone.

First, you need to understand the material of your existing product. Some materials do not absorb the energy of a CO2 laser, such as uncoated metal surfaces, PP, and the like. Different materials absorb lasers to different extents. For example, PET absorbs laser energy much more easily than glass, which is easier to print than glass. Therefore, different power lasers are required for products of different materials, while lasers cannot be used for some products. Usually the color of the carton, PET, only need a 10w laser machine. There are also persuading you to use 30w, it only shows that his 10w machine is not fast enough. And the 30w machine is also more expensive than the 10w. More powerful lasers are required on glass and metal, such as 30w or even 50w.

Secondly, when you know the laser machine of a certain brand, you need to know whether it is a metal-tight laser tube. Because the metal-sealed laser tube is currently the best in airtightness, it does not leak. The ceramic tube and the glass tube are inferior in airtightness, easy to leak, and easily broken during transportation. Therefore, the laser tube of the metal tube should be selected during the selection.

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Third, when looking at the stability of the equipment, it is necessary to understand the service life of the laser tube, but also to know what technology is used to control the opening and closing of the laser tube. Because the laser is like a large light bulb, the more the opening and closing times, the more likely it is to be bad. Therefore, the laser machine with fewer laser tube opening and closing times should be used when selecting the model. There are currently two major technologies: dot matrix resident technology and scribing technology. Both use a motor to drive the two sets of lenses for x-direction and y-direction rotation. However, the control technology of the laser is different. The same set of 20 characters of data is used. The laser machine using the dot matrix resident technology is only opened and closed once, and the laser machine using the scribing technique is opened and closed 20 times. Open and close once by typing a character.

Fourth, the higher the power, the longer the life of the laser tube, which is the most common misunderstanding. I think that the more power, the more gas, the slower the consumption. In fact, the higher the power, the more heat the laser tube emits when it is working. If it cannot be effectively dissipated in time, it will burn out the laser tube. Therefore, equipment of 50 watts or more usually needs water cooling, and there is a large cooling system. . Therefore, the high wattage does not guarantee the service life of the laser tube. If the cooling system is not well done, it is more likely to burn, and the cost of heat dissipation is also increased.

The smaller the energy, the smaller the heat generated by the laser machine, the easier it is to dissipate heat, and the stability of the device is better. 10w, 30w equipment can achieve natural air cooling, no need for external air supply.

Choosing the most suitable laser machine is the first step to achieving a satisfactory logo. We recommend that users simply understand the basics of the purchase before selecting a laser, and then work with your supplier to select the laser that best fits the identified product.

The laser machine using the dot matrix resident technology is only opened and closed once, and the laser machine using the scribing technique is opened and closed 20 times, and each time a character is opened and closed.