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How To Get Content Data By Using Ezcad2
Jul 19, 2018

In actual processing, we often encounter processed text that needs to be read from the network through the computer network port. We need to develop special software to implement this function before. Now we can use the powerful text function provided by EZCAD2 without developing new software.

1. First, we need to build a new test object, enable variable text and then add a TCP content factor. 

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2. Set TCP/IP communication.

Please note: All of the network port in this article is TCP/IP protocol communication.

IP Address: Input the computer IP address that you need their data from the internet.

Port: Input the port of the using internet communication.

Command: When system process to this text object, it will send this command string to targeted IP address computer by port and request send out the current string which need to processed. And system will keep waiting until get feedback from computer and then system will automatically process the returned text.

Unicode: After chose this option, all of the string send or read by computer are Unicode format, unless they are ASCII format.

Then, let’s take an example:

A customer want process 1000 pcs objects, content is a text, but every text content is different. Before process, every object need real-time transmission from an LAN computer (IP: Port: 1000) to read the process content.

1. Open Ezcad2, generate a text, adjust its size, position and processing quantity;

2. Select the text, enable variable text, click “add”, you will see a dialog. Select TCP/IP communication, set network port parameter, the serving computer’s IP address, here it is; Port parameter set the port number for communication, here it is 1000. Please be noted, Network port parameter must be exactly same with the computer parameter on server, otherwise, it cannot communicate.

3. Set command as TCP: Give me string. (Note: the command can be the defined command by any server.

4. Close dialog then click “apply”.

5. Press “F2” to start, computer will deliver command “TCP: Give me string” to server by serial port immediately and wait feedback from server.

6. Once server saw network port get command is “TCP: Give me string”, will deliver the text which need to process immediately;

7. Local computer will change the process date to marking card immediately once it receive the text which need to be process;

8. Marking card will control marking machine process the objects once received the process data immediately.

Note: After choosing continuo marking, there is a cycle from step 5 to step 8.

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Flow chart as below: