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How To Improve The Marking Speed Of Laser Marking Machine?
Jul 10, 2018

The purpose of the fiber laser marking machine is to increase production efficiency and to create higher value for enterprises. How to improve the marking speed of the fiber laser marking machine ? What are the main factors affecting fiber laser marking machine’ speed?  

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Generally, there are internal and external factors that affect the speed of the fiber laser marking machine, namely, the equipment itself and the processing staffs.

The internal factors mainly include the laser frequency, the laser spot pattern and the beam divergence angle, the laser power, and good combination between assisting gas, substance and optical shaping and processing. The external factor is following the advice of the laser engineer

during the selection of mode. Another factor is one should pay attention the following things when processing: marking width, filling density, marking speed and laser spot size.

A. Marking Field
The larger the marking field,  the greater the laser marking galvo-scanner deflection Angle and graphics trajectory. Therefore, at the same marking speed, the marking speed of big marking field is longer than that of a small one.

B. Filling density

Big filling density ratio means dense line spacing for the same marking field .The higher the density of the laser marking, the longer the corresponding marking time will be. That is because the density of filling density increases the distance of laser movement.
C. Marking speed
The faster the marking speed is, the shorter the marking time is, and the shallower the marking depth is at the same power. In operation, the marking speed needs to be matched with the laser frequency and the laser power.

D. Laser spot size
The smaller the laser spot, the finer the line width marked, and the better the ability to mark extremely small characters.

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The skill of improving marking speed of fiber laser marking machine is to adjust the parameters of the fiber laser marking machine , according to requirements. It is necessary to adjust the filling density, marking speed, laser frequency, laser power and other factors of the fiber laser marking machine since they will influence the marking result in the process.