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Industrial Automation Upgrade Laser Cutting Equipment Market Space Is Broad
Jul 13, 2018

With the upgrading of industrial automation, industrial production puts higher demands on precision, efficiency and reliability. In this large background, the cost-effective advantage of laser equipment has become more and more obvious, and the introduction of laser cutting equipment has gradually formed a trend of technological upgrading.

Traditional metal processing techniques include flame cutting, water cutting, plasma cutting, etc. These processing techniques have their own characteristics in terms of cutting thickness, cutting precision, metallurgical performance, and production efficiency, but there are also low processing efficiency and processing effects. Poor and other issues.

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Today, fiber laser cutting machines are gradually replacing traditional processes with high efficiency, high quality and low cost, making them the tools of choice for metal processing. With the continuous application of laser technology in the manufacturing industry, laser cutting machines will gradually replace punching machines, and the future market for fiber laser cutting equipment will be broad.

In industrial production, the new and old tools represent the advancement of technology and the improvement of production efficiency. In addition to laser cutting machines, laser equipment has revolutionized the process in various industries, such as laser coders instead of ink printers, laser welding. The machine replaces traditional welding equipment.