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Is Mask Doing Something Wrong----not Use Laser Radar Technology
Jul 25, 2018

A laser radar is a radar system that emits a laser beam to detect the position and velocity of a target, and can be used to detect distance, azimuth, altitude, speed, and the like.

Start-up companies such as California Silicon Valley technology company Velodyne, laser radar startup Ouster, and Israeli laser radar company Innoviz believe that laser radar is an important part of developing a safe automatic driving system. But Tesla CEO Elon Musk believes that autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles can be built without relying on lidar.

Is Musk, who does not use lidar technology to build a self-driving car, do something wrong? At present, it is still unknown.

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Tesla relies on cameras and radars to perform most of the work required for its Autopilot autopilot assistance system without the use of lidar. There have been several recent crashes involving Tesla's Autopilot autopilot mode, and Tesla's practice on lidar has raised questions.

In recent years, the cost of laser radar per vehicle has been estimated to be as high as $75,000. Perhaps the cost issue is what prompted Musk to use the laser radar. But insiders said that the price of the technology will fall sharply in the future.