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Laser Cleaning Before And After Welding
Sep 10, 2018

Chengdu MRJ-Laser can replace the traditional pre-weld pre-treatment and post-weld cleaning treatment methods, surface pre-treatment and cleaning of metal parts or welded metal parts to be welded, clean weld metal oxide scale, titanium alloy surface cleaning In addition to Lin, the effect is remarkable.

Pre-treatment of precision parts before welding, use high-energy clearing laser cleaning machine to clean metal surface rust, lubricant, black and non-ferrous metal impurities, remove oxide film and oil stain on the surface of weldment, prevent the generation of pores, slag, make welding and The brazing seam is of high quality, smooth and free of porosity, providing a visible weld with excellent stability and quality. It is suitable for cleaning the surface of steel and aluminum. It is used as pretreatment for welding surface and is used in industries including automobile industry, precision tool production, shipbuilding industry and aerospace industry.

Laser cleaning machine rust removal 200w 500w

Cleaning of precision parts after soldering is an important part of electronics manufacturing to remove potentially harmful contaminants from PCB production, including flux, solder paste and adhesive residues, dust and debris. The purpose of cleaning, especially in the rapidly evolving electronics industry, is to extend the life of the product by ensuring good surface resistance and preventing leakage due to PCB failure. Modern and future electronics will become smaller and smaller, and the requirements for high performance and reliability will be stronger than ever. In order to obtain high insulation resistance, cleaning of electronic equipment is very important. The high-energy clear laser cleaning machine technology provides the ideal cleaning effect.

Surface treatment requires cleaning at many stages. Before stencil printing and welding, it is necessary to remove the contaminants left over from the previous production process; after the stencil printing, it is necessary to remove excess adhesive; after welding, it is also necessary to remove corrosive flux residue and any excess solder paste. And other impurities. Laser cleaning technology is promising in this area.

Chengdu MRJ-Laser Technology Co., Ltd. laser cleaning technology expert, professionally developed laser cleaning machine, laser cleaning equipment, can not only replace traditional cleaning methods such as pickling phosphating, sand blasting, high frequency ultrasonic cleaning, etc. More effective, more reliable, safer, energy-saving, water-saving and green. It can be used for cleaning various materials such as rust cleaning, paint stripping, degreasing, oil removal, wax removal, etc. It can be applied to laser cleaning in various fields such as molds, cultural relics, vehicles, ships and hardware.