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Laser Cleaning Instead Of Traditional Cleaning Methods Such As Sand Blasting
Oct 03, 2018

At present, China's environmental pollution has become more and more serious. The state has paid attention to it, and has a strong implementation policy. Enterprises have to pay for the environment, so they are looking for equipment that can replace traditional cleaning methods.

There are various cleaning methods in the cleaning industry. Traditionally, dry ice, chemical agents, sand blasting, and manual grinding are used for cleaning. These methods are widely used in the cleaning industry due to their respective economics, but they are operated. In the process, more or less brings some environmental problems. As China’s environmental protection regulations become more stringent and people’s environmental protection and safety awareness become stronger, the space that can be used in these traditional industrial production cleaning will become more and more less.

Laser cleaning machine rust removal 200w 500w

Laser cleaning does not harm the substrate, no noise, no pollution, no secondary residue, and is favored by people in various industrial applications. The laser cleaning system can remove rust and contaminants efficiently and quickly, and can select the cleaning parts to realize the automation of cleaning. Laser cleaning is not only more clean than chemical cleaning, but also has no damage to the surface of the object.

By setting different parameters, laser cleaning can also form a dense oxide protective film or metal molten layer on the surface of metal objects to improve surface strength and corrosion resistance. The laser-cleared waste does not substantially pollute the environment, and can also be operated remotely, effectively reducing the health damage to the operator.