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Laser Cleaning Is Bound To Change Traditional Processing Methods Such As Chemical Cleaning
Aug 01, 2018

With the in-depth development of industrialization, the pollution of industry to the environment has become more and more serious. In recent years, it has been strongly watched by countries all over the world. While implementing relevant policies, enterprises have begun to pay for their “spending” environment, so Many companies are beginning to find ways to replace traditional cleaning and processing methods to avoid further costly pollution.

There are many ways to clean in industrial applications. Compared with traditional ones, chemical agents, dry ice, sandblasting, and manual sanding can be used for cleaning. These are economical and have appropriate application effects, but they are operated. The process has caused certain harm to the environment. In today's situation where people are increasingly demanding environmental protection and quality of life, these industrial cleaning methods are not only unacceptable to consumers, but also do not comply with national laws and regulations on environmental protection. So the traditional way of cleaning can be less and less.

Laser cleaning machine rust removal 200w 500w

When the new generation of laser cleaning machine was born in Shenzhen Xinhua Peng, laser cleaning officially changed the way of industrial cleaning. This kind of laser cleaning not only will not damage the base metal, but also has no noise and no pollution. With the trust of consumers and the support of the state, today, under the support of the Chengdu government's policy of encouraging new energy applications, Chengdu MRJ-laser has developed rapidly the laser cleaning machine technology, and the market has been rapidly and comprehensively promoted. More companies have joined the ranks of laser cleaning machines to prove the important role of new industrial cleaning.

The device can set parameters, not only can rust, but also realize the metal surface protection layer to improve the corrosion resistance and strength of the material. The laser removal waste does not cause any pollution to the environment structure, and can also reduce the health impact through remote operation.