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Laser Cleaning Machine
Jul 20, 2018

Chengdu MRJ-Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology expert enterprise specializing in laser application, located in the high-tech zone of Chengdu. The scope of application and application of laser processing technology is very wide, covering almost the entire machinery manufacturing industry, including mining machinery, petrochemical, electric power, railway, automobile, shipbuilding, metallurgy, medical equipment, aviation, machine tools, power generation, printing, packaging, Mold, pharmaceutical and other industries.

The interaction between laser and metal is divided into several stages according to laser intensity and radiation time: absorption beam, energy transfer, metal structure change, laser action cooling, etc. It produces heating, melting and impact on the surface of the material. With the advent of high-power lasers and the development of technologies such as laser beam modulation and aiming, laser technology has entered the field of surface heat treatment and surface alloying of metal materials, and has been rapidly developed in recent years. The laser surface treatment uses a high power density laser beam to heat the surface of the material in a non-contact manner, and the surface modification process is realized by conduction cooling of the material surface itself.

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Its main features are:

1. Form a fine, uniform, deep-layered, high-quality surface strengthening layer with a variety of intermetallic compounds on the surface of the part. The potential of its application lies in the ability to significantly improve surface hardness, wear resistance and resistance to contact fatigue as well as the preparation of special corrosion-resistant surfaces.

2. The metallurgical combination of the strengthening layer and the body of the part solves the technical key that many traditional surface strengthening techniques are difficult to solve.

3. It relies on the heat conduction of the part body to achieve quenching, without the need of a cooling medium and excellent cooling characteristics. .

4. It can handle specific parts of parts and parts that are difficult to handle by other methods, as well as parts with a certain height difference on the surface, which can be flexibly localized.

5. Generally, vacuum conditions are not required, and even when special alloying treatment is performed, it is only necessary to blow a protective gas to effectively prevent oxidation and elemental burning.

6. Modern high-power laser with computer-controlled multi-dimensional space motion table, especially suitable for mechanized and automated production with high productivity.

7. High production efficiency, stable and reliable processing quality, low cost, good economic and social benefits

Chengdu MRJ-Laser Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the enterprise spirit of “innovation, diligence, pragmatism and high efficiency” and provides a complete solution for laser manufacturing in China's manufacturing industry with the business philosophy of “R&D, production, quality and service”.