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Laser Cleaning: Say Goodbye To Rail Rust!
Aug 23, 2018

By the end of 2016, China's total railway operation has reached 121,000 kilometers, ranking second in the world. The high-speed railway has a mileage of over 19,000 kilometers, ranking first in the world!

According to the investigation, China's railways mainly use seamless rails, and their coverage rate is as high as 70%. The key process in the production of seamless rails is rail welding, and the cleaning technology of the rails is critical to the impact of the welding.

Laser cleaning machine rust removal 200w 500w

Traditional polishing faces many problems

1. Deep grinding, ensuring cleanliness, but destroying the curved surface of the rail surface, affecting passenger comfort.

2. Reducing the amount of sanding and ensuring the shape of the arc surface, but causing serious rust residue, and buying huge safety risks.

3. Consuming a large amount of grinding wheel consumables, which is expensive, has serious environmental pollution, and has serious harm to workers' health.

4. The work efficiency is low, the cleaning cycle is long, and the labor cost is increased invisibly.

Modern laser cleaning brings the gospel

1. The cleaning light source can adapt to the curved surface shape of the rail to minimize the damage of the substrate.

2. laser cleaning can achieve selective removal of pollutants, improve cleanliness and protect the substrate.

3. No green cleaning technology for consumables, eliminating dust pollution and greatly reducing cleaning costs.

4. The cleaning light source can utilize the flexible transmission of optical fiber to cooperate with the robot integration work to improve work efficiency.

Laser cleaning machine rust removal 200w 500w

Railway maintenance and repair tasks are arduous. As a high-tech cleaning technology in the new era, laser cleaning is crucial to solve the problems of high scrap rate, high cost, and high environmental pollution. It is not only the case, but also related industries. Scientific research and technological progress can bring huge economic and social benefits!